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Arrow Imaging founder, Jason Elliott, understands that imaging is about lighting, format, perspective, vision, precision, and creativity. As a retired Canadian Forces Member, and having worked extensively in the Utility environment, Jason is in his element in the elements. With his mobile workstation, comprised of mobile power, an editing station, and a 4-wheel drive, he can be anywhere you need. As with cameras and other sensors, the drone is another tool AI uses to get the imaging that you need. Traditional photography, zip-line cameras, and an assortment of other imaging systems ensure we can get the shot. Arrow Imaging is about solutions. Level 2 thermography, 30 years in photography and 6 years with drones means that knowledge and skill-set are being brought to the table on every project. We are fully licensed with advanced operator certification, and have multiple systems that can legally fly over people, and in controlled airspace.  This means that we can operate anywhere in Canada and that we do it Legally and Safely!

Services Offered

Environmental Imaging and Sampling

Arrow Imaging is an advanced drone company with specialized equipment for working on environmental projects throughout Canada.
We provide remote water sampling utilizing a Snap Sampler system that we have specially modified to work with our drone systems.

The benefits of the Snap Sample over other traditional systems are:
1. No-Pump No purging
2. All critical actions take place submerged under liquid, which limits the impacts of heat, wind, rain, surface contamination, or off-gassing losses.
3. Improved sampling consistency since variations in site conditions from season to season or changes in personnel from event to event do not affect the sample collection process.
4.  Depths and location accuracy to within a meter, for controlled repeatability.

Our expert drone services are a cost-effective, safer, and faster approach to environmental inspection services in comparison to traditional methods.

Our team is fully equipped and ready to meet your needs for environmental inspections, providing high-definition imagery and video footage during the inspection process.

We are your solution with the capability to deliver high-quality products and aerial inspection services for all your company’s needs. Contact Arrow Imaging today to learn more!

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Commercial Imaging

Arrow Imaging is a leading drone services company specializing in Construction and Engineering aerial solutions Including thermal Imaging (level 2 thermography certified) and mapping/modelling solutions. Our core services include providing detailed, advanced aerial inspection services to further assist in your project progress reports and data solutions.
Our Construction and Engineering drone inspection solutions provide land developers, construction companies, architects and engineering firms with an excellent way of presenting inspection data and visual images to their clients. With high-resolution images, you can see several views of the demolition, rebuilding and construction phases of your project. We also provide progress-tracking services as well.

General Imaging

Many clients approach Arrow Imaging with a concept, and we work alongside them to turn that concept into reality. As an experienced Photographer, Jason and his team understand how much people have going on, which is why they aim to make projects as easy as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your questions or special requests.

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